You find here my prices for each counseling or psychotherapy session

– Individual therapy – 50,00 € per session à 60 min. The first interview takes around 90 min

– Couple therapy – 60,00 € per session à 90 min

– Family therapy – 70,00 € per session à 90 min

In the first interview you decide if you will like that we work together. You also decide about the frequency of the session and how many of them you will like to have. You should count with five to ten sessions for couple and family therapy. For individual therapy it will depend of your objectives.

In case you do not cancel the session during the 24 hours previous to the appointment I will charge you for the session. Please, note that I reserve this time for you and you will not have to wait for the beginning of the session.

Please, note that my offer corresponds to the German regulations for the homeopaths in the area of psychotherapy.