I understand intercultural psychotherapy as a process based in cultural richness and differences. This approach into the psychology is valuable for all persons who feel that their origins, costumes and values from their homelands differ from those which prevail in the country of settlement.

In my praxis I combine the understanding of cultures with the systemic therapy. In this kind of therapy the focus is not placed in the cause of a problem but rather in its maintenance and solution. Based in the principle of circularity it is assumed that consequences are also the cause of further interactions. Another characteristic of the systemic therapy is the inclusion of the context in which individuals, couples and families interact and develop.

Being immerse in another culture could be experienced as a source of stress accompanied of disorientation and depression. Additionally difficulties in expressing the own thoughts and feeling in a different language could lead to insecurity and identity problems. All these in the context of couples and families could result in disfunctionality and dissatisfaction.

The systemic approach applied to the intercultural psychotherapy is useful for migrants and mixed couples and families but also for Germans, who return to their country of origin after years living in other countries.

You will find here a space of understanding and valuation of your culture and origins. I will also support you in your search for questions, answers and solution of your troubles.