Liebe und Beziehung • Interkulturelle Paare und eine Paartherapeutin erzählen.

Liebe und Beziehung • Interkulturelle Paare und eine Paartherapeutin erzählen.

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Cuban group in systemic psychotherapy

Thanks to all psychiatrists and psychologists in Centro de Salud Mental, Havana, Cuba for two wonderful days 13th and 14th May. This‘ the beginning of many other meetings. We’ll discuss about our experiences and how to work in the field of systemic psychotherapy. We learn together from each other. Thanks!


Refugee Carnival Al-Lajin

For an honorable life

With Schaubühne Berlin in the carnival.



Last seminar in the course in systemic Therapy

Last day in the course in systemic Therapy

thanks a lot to our professor Claus Hild for two marvelous years. We will meet again in October for the continuation of the course in „Systemic Family Therapy“. Until then I wish our group BT 33 from INSA Berlin all the best.




Vernisage KAMI III

On June the 25th it was inaugurated the photography exhibition in the Alice Salomon Hochschule in Berlin as part of the project KAMI III. In the first part the participants worked with different conflict management techniques, which can be used in their daily-life. In the second part the group worked with the artist Karina Villavicencio. Some of the techniques, which were practiced in the first part, were artistically developed. The result was presented in the photography exhibition at the end of the project.


I would like to thank all the participants for such wonderful experience.

You can read here the articles about this project written by the journalist Yenith González.

Vernisage KAMI III

Workshop: Intercultural skills

On June 09th it took place the workshop „Interculturals skills“. This workshop was the last one offered by the project Migramove. We work with migrant organisations with the objective of improving their work and strengthening their networking.

You will find here more information about this workshop



Constellation exercise: Women from different countries and their positioning in Germany…

Workshop First Interview

As part of the project “Migramove” my colleague Dr. Claudia Zuleta and I gave a workshop about the first interview in counseling and coach settings.
If you are interested about the description of the workshop you can find here the German version.