Exercise: Satisfaction in the relationship

To complete the exercise you will need around 30 min. think about satisfied you feel today regarding your job, professional interests, family of origin, etc. Compare your results with those of your partner. Interchange the results around 20 min and look at the differences.

– How satisfied am I?
– After seeing the results from my partner, how I feel about it?
– What would I change?- Which could be the first step we take if we want to change something?

Satisfaction table

very satisfied
very unsatisfied
Job Professional interests Family of origin Own family Social relations Body Nature Spirituality

Source: Fabain Lenné „Vom Umgang mit der Liebe: Ein Entwicklungs-Buch für Paare in der Krise. Kommunikation – Begegnung – Sexualität“ p. 168. 2012. Eigenverlag…